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How to detect racism at work

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Employment Law

Racism can take various forms and it is not always so obvious to most people, particularly for those who have never been subject to it. It is intricate and complex; it can be expressed through subtlety and nuance. How does one know when there is racial discrimination happening in the workplace? It is important to know the answer to this question and what proper actions can be taken when facing a situation like this.

Race discrimination:

A person is racially discriminated against when he or she is being treated unfavorably due to their race. This can show up in many instances, such as the color of their skin, their hair, facial features, national origin, their accent, the way they dress, their religion, customs, traditions, and many more.

In the workplace:

Racial discrimination can be seen in various aspects of the workplace, even as early on as in the hiring process. A person has excellent qualifications and yet the person has been passed on because of their race; a person who has not been given a promotion due to the color of his or her skin; or even when a person has been laid off due to cutbacks but predominantly white employees with less seniority still get to keep their jobs. All of these are signs that there might be issues concerning the applicant or the employee and their race.

Other things to watch out for are salary. If a person of color is getting paid less than another individual who has a lower position than him or her, then this is also a sign of racism that must be addressed. Finally, the most obvious sign is express harassment. If a person starts to say offensive things about people of color at the workplace, then this is considered to be discrimination. It is important to know these signs to detect them and report them either to a supervisor or human resources.