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Were You The Victim Of False Arrest?

Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes, LLP has been seeking compensation and justice for victims of false arrest and imprisonment since 1990. In Los Angeles and throughout California, victims of police misconduct turn to us for help because we are willing to be vigorous advocates for them in their time of need. For more on the work we have done, review our record of results.

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Mistakes are not acceptable when they result in an innocent person having to spend time in jail. Police need to be held accountable. Security personnel can be guilty of this as well. When people become victims of false arrest and false imprisonment, they have the right to seek compensation and justice for what has happened.

More Than Just A Night In Jail

While some false arrest cases result in lengthy prison stays, others are resolved after the victim spends only a minimal amount of time in jail. However, even one night in jail can cause significant harm. The harm is not simply the emotional damage incurred during the process, but the damage to a person’s reputation. It can impact a person’s career, leading to job loss and difficulty getting another job, particularly if the accusation was of embezzlement or a work-related offense. Our goal is to right these types of wrongs.

Treatment During The Arrest And Imprisonment

False arrest and imprisonment can be made worse by the treatment the victim receives during the process. If the victim suffers sexual harassment or another form of harassment during the process, the damage is even more serious. Our attorneys will hold police departments, security guards and others accountable for this type of treatment.

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