We Fight Against Injustice – Wherever It May Arise

Protecting Your Rights In California
And Around The World.

We Fight Against
Injustice – Wherever
It May Arise

Protecting Your Rights In California
And Around The World

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We have the resources, experience & track record to handle even the most complex employment, consumer, civil rights and human rights cases with exceptional results.

$217 Million - Privacy Class Action

In re Toll Roads – privacy class action settlement on behalf of drivers on Southern CA toll roads (15 million class members)

$41 Million – Employment Class Action

Boyd vs. Bank of America – employment misclassification class action settlement on behalf of real estate appraisers misclassified as non-exempt (369 class members)

$25 Million – Consumer Class Action

Trump University – extraordinary consumer class action settlement against Donald J. Trump and Trump University for deceptive practices (6,000 class members) – View More

$45+ Million – Wage/Hour Class Action

Waters v. ATT, Doyle v. ATT, Shoff v. ATT – wage and hour class action settlements on behalf of computer software workers employed by AT&T (thousands of class members)

Justice • Integrity • Dedication

Pursuing Class Action Lawsuits

If you have been injured by a defective product or suffered damages or loss due to misleading labeling or advertising, you may have a right to compensation. From suing a manufacturer over a defective product to filing a class action lawsuit against Trump University resulting in a $25 million settlement, we always fight ferociously for our clients – no matter who we are up against.

Aggressively Protecting Your Human and Civil Rights

When you are denied your basic human and civil rights, we are there to support you. We have successfully represented Burmese plaintiffs who sued Los Angeles-based Unocal Corporation for using forced labor during the construction of a natural pipeline in Burma and have brought to light unfair labor practices in Walmart’s supplier factories in a number of countries.

We aggressively fight for every individual’s basic rights – whether in California or around the world.

Holding Employers Accountable

All employees deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. If your employer has violated wage and hour laws, subjected you to a hostile work environment or made you a victim of workplace discrimination, we are here to fight for you. It can be challenging and frightening, but you don’t have to fight alone.

In some cases, you may not be alone. Your employer may be violating wage and hours for other employees as well. When this happens, we do a thorough investigation and may file a class action lawsuit against that employer, like we did against CVS on behalf of numerous pharmacists who received a $7.4 million settlement.

Advocating For Victims Of Police Misconduct And Wrongful Conviction

Cellphones are accessible anytime and are often used to record interactions between citizens and law enforcement. Needless to say, incidents of police misconduct are being brought to our attention more frequently than ever.

If you were a victim of police misconduct or were wrongfully convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, we will utilize all our resources to investigate your situation and work diligently for the best possible outcome.

Breaking News


Nestle Still Can’t Defeat Child, Slave Labor Claims, Judge Told

“This is Nestlé USA, Inc.’s fifth bite at the apple — repeating the same arguments that this court already rejected. For all the reasons its prior pleading challenges failed, this attempt fails too…

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Wednesday, April 20, 2022 - No. 21–499. Carlos Vega v. Terence B. Tekoh. Certiorari to the C. A. 9th Circuit.

For petitioner: Roman Martinez, Washington, D. C.; and Vivek Suri, Assistant to the Solicitor General, Department of Justice, Washington, D. C. (for United States, as amicus curiae.)

View More…

Nestle Can’t Ditch Child Slave Labor Labeling Suit

Law360 (March 29, 2022, 9:19 PM EDT) — A California federal judge on Monday refused to toss a proposed class action accusing Nestlé USA of deceptively marketing its chocolate products as sustainably sourced despite getting cocoa from farms reliant on child slave labor.

View More…

United States District Court Southern District Of California

Pending before the Court in this putative consumer class action alleging deceptive product labeling is Defendant’s motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim.

View More…

Court Allows Lawsuit Against Starbucks Alleging False Advertisement Of Ethical Cocoa To Proceed

In a significant victory for consumers, the U.S. District Court in the Central District

View More…

Tekoh V. County of Los Angeles

Today, in an appeal brought by SSHHZ and the Offices of John Burton, the Ninth Circuit held for the first time that police officers

View More…

SSHHZ’s Paul Hoffman, Renowned Human Rights And Civil Rights Litigator, Argued Nestle USA v. Doe I and Cargill v.

Doe I – consolidated cases alleging big chocolate knowingly profits from aiding and abetting child slave labor in West Africa

View More…

SSHHZ Files Its Supreme Court Briefs in Doe v. Nestle And Cargill.

On Wednesday SSHHZ filed briefs in its cases in the U.S. Supreme Court against Nestle and Cargill under

View More…

SSHHZ Law Files Petition for Restraining Order – Alleges Unlawful Use of Force By Sheriff’s Department At Protests

Plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit are seeking a temporary restraining order and injunction

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Federal Lawsuit Claims Yahoo Management’s Secret Pact with China Supported Torture, Imprisonment of Pro-Democracy Activists

Attorneys for renowned Chinese activist Ning Xianhua have filed a federal lawsuit alleging that Yahoo Inc.

View More…

United States District Court Northern District Of California San Jose Division

Plaintiff NING XIANHUA (Mr. Ning), by and through his undersigned attorneys, complains and alleges the following:

View More…

B.B. v. County of LA

Important Victory for Victims’ Rights in California Supreme Court: Today in a unanimous ruling the California

View More…

Black Lives Matters

Paul Hoffman, Michael Seplow, Aidan McGlaze and John Washington are part of a team of LA civil rights lawyers

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What Our Clients Say

I can’t be more thankful for Helen and her team! I had a terrible experience with my employer of over 12 years after becoming pregnant and experiencing pregnancy discrimination and sexual harassment. The majority of my time at work was positive but the last year was a complex and traumatic experience. I found myself being pushed out after having my daughter. It is very hard to find a lawyer that will take the time to listen to you and to your story and to take your case on against a big company. Most lawyers want an easy win. I was lucky enough to find Helen and she took me on after hearing how badly I was treated, I was definitely the underdog. She and her team fought hard to stand up for my rights. They were all extremely professional, communicated with me and always treated me with respect. We ended up settling out of court which really was a blessing so that I could move on. I am so beyond thankful for this team and for their hard work. They are truly the best people!

I am happy to recommend Ben Travis of Schonbrun Seplow Harris Hoffman & Zeldes, LLP. Finding myself in a distressful situation of having been wrongfully billed for something not of my doing, I reached out to Ben and his team for assistance. I was not let down in any way. Ben was responsive concerned and insightful to my every question and led me to a quick and successful outcome. I am glad I contacted Ben rather than ignoring the situation or trying to fight it on my own. – S.M.